An ADHD Meltdown

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I haven’t written in so long, and I’ve really missed it! How is everyone, I hope the holidays are/have been treating you okay. Do you like school holidays, or dread them? I’m a bit of both, I love the easier, calmer mornings; but I also miss the routine and the time to myself to get things done. It also means that for various reasons then the dreaded ADHD meltdown can become quite common. For all of us…

Summer Break 2022

So last week the boys and I were in Center Parcs with my sister, her son and Grandma. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and had an amazing time! However, as you know we are still awaiting Sam’s ADHD assessment to formalise his diagnosis. I had already had to re-arrange once. After waiting a year for his appointment, the date we received, was when we were on holiday in Spain. When I called to re-arrange we were told to expect a new appointment in a few months. So imagine my surprise when I got the letter to say we had an appointment only two weeks later! Then, my immediate disappointment when I realised it was in the middle of our break at CP. I didn’t want to delay any longer, so we took the decision that I would drive down and back with Sam that day.

Assessment Time!

Sam, understandably, didn’t want to leave and so it took careful negotiation for him to be okay with us going to the assessment. To ensure that a meltdown at any point beforehand didn’t happen. Tuesday morning came and we were up at 7 am. We left at about 7:30 am and were back in York with 5 mins to spare for our appointment at 10 am.

When we arrived at the address given, we were told that actually, this building was no longer the unit we should be visiting. Luckily, the correct building was only 5 mins away (in an area of York I did not know). The very nice lady proceeded to give me directions, as she did not know the postcode. I immediately started to panic. We were now running late and I had to remember directions. For anyone who knows menopause and ADHD, this is nigh on impossible! They included many more steps than my brain could actually remember.

Are You Serious…

By this point, I was a little stressed. But remarkably despite forgetting all the directions after the first two given, somehow we arrived at the right destination. We walked in a little hot under the collar but we were there and Sam was actually quite excited. So imagine how it went when we were then told that unfortunately we should have been informed that the appointment was cancelled. That the Doctor dealing with us had been off ill for weeks, and we would now have to await a new appointment. Bearing in mind this is with CAMHS and my child has ADHD. He does not deal with things like this well. You would not be surprised if he had an ADHD meltdown there and then. But actually, it was me that had a meltdown.

ADHD Meltdown Mumma!

At first, I was a little angry, I’d just driven for 2 1/2 hours solid to get to the appointment, and spent days talking to Sam about it to ensure that he was comfortable with the assessment, knew why it was happening and felt safe. However quickly I was overtaken with emotion, tiredness from driving, emotionally drained from supporting Samuel and utterly broken at the fact that the appointment we had waited so long for, was having to be re-arranged and could take months. I broke down…

The staff member dealing with us looked so embarrassed and was genuinely worried that I was okay, but I just had to get out, I just needed a safe space. Samuel was amazing and took my hand, directing me to the car and telling me it would be okay. As I sat in the car sobbing uncontrollably with a full ADHD meltdown. He gently hugged me, saying nothing, waiting till I was calm enough to talk to him. His strength and empathy never cease to amaze me.

Reflect and Refocus…

Several days have passed now, and I am much calmer, though still really pi**ed at the lack of communication regarding not only the cancellation of the appointment, but also the change of address too! Anyway, I just have to await and see what happens now, I’ll be phoning CAMHS this week to see if they have an idea of when his new appointment might be.

For now, I’ll focus on Sam’s EHCP and make sure we’ve looked at all possible schools for him, to make an informed choice. Oh, and Hen’s GCSE results the week after next, as he’s a little bit stressed about them, understandably.

Only 3 weeks till the start of next term…

How have yours been?

Fay x

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  • Izzy says:

    I am so angry about this on your behalf! You both should not have had to go through this, but well done Sam.

    • Fay Stephenson says:

      It’s just heartbreaking to know that we have to wait even longer, having waited a year already, and also get Sam in the right frame of mind for it all again. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long. F 🙁

  • Isobel Carrick says:


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