Wellness Products - Spacemasks


From the moment you open the box and read how to use the mask you will be temptingly invited on a journey of relaxation.

Just place the Spacemask over your eyes and the loops over your ears. There are detailed instructions on the box. Recline and enjoy.

Wellness Products - Nu Minda Stress Support Formula


NU Mind Stress Support Formula is the UK’s first all-in-one Stress Supplement.

NU Mind has also partnered with some of the leading experts in their field to bring you free wellness courses, to support you along your journey to wellbeing.

Wellness Products - Mela Weighted Blanket


The weighted blanket has become a must-have for cosy comfort and relaxation, with a growing selection flooding the market in the name of self-care. I love Mela blankets as they do specific adults and kids blankets, plus they donate 1% to Young Minds.


If you’ve ever thought you could sleep better, should sleep more, need to shift your sleep cycle or simply want to relax and disconnect from the day – then ‘This Works’ Sleep Pillow Spray is for you! A range of sleep sprays and customise your sleep – naturally.

All the items recommended on this page are (or have been) used by myself or my boys. They have either been very kindly gifted or more often than not something we’ve purchased that we love.

We try to support small independent businesses where possible, but more so businesses who have a strong ethos and mission statement that supports Mental Health, Neurodiversity, Inclusion and Diversity.