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Mum, Wife, Advocate...

I'm Fay, a mum of three vibrant - and varyingly complex - boys. Join me as I navigate the twists and turns of everyday life: from the heart-warming adventures of raising ND kids to the honest realities of my ADHD and embracing menopause.

I am passionate about raising awareness on Neurodivergence, Menopause and Women's Health in general.

I work with companies and brands across the UK, to produce helpful, informative and always personable content for social media channels and blog posts.

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My blog is a raw and real space where I explore:

♥ The unique perspective of an AuDHD mom raising neurodiverse boys

♥ The juggling act of managing mental health alongside motherhood

♥ Open discussions about menopause and its impact on family life

♥ The highs and lows of creating a loving and supportive home for everyone