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So the last year has been a really strange one for a number of reasons. I think we all thought this year would be us getting ‘back to normal’. I’m not sure about you, but this year has been anything but normal, in fact, it’s almost been harder than the previous two. I guess with everything that has happened with COVID then we are all a little different. Our views have changed, our priorities have changed, we’ve changed. I for one want to get a little control back in my life. So I am going to introduce some healthy daily habits.

As you know, I have ADHD, so sticking to routines that I set for myself isn’t second nature. So I thought that maybe putting it down in writing might help me stick to it. Give me some accountability. I hope you guys will help me stick to it and maybe join me!

Menopause Weight Gain

So one thing that has crept up on me over the last few years is the old menopause weight gain. I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been and it’s all around my middle. From someone who had a six-pack in her 20s, this is probably the hardest part to deal with, definitely more than the weight gain as a whole.

There are two things that I want to introduce that should hopefully help with menopause weight gain bloating:

  • Diet
  • Exercise


Now, as well as certain food that should be cut from your diet during perimenopause/menopause. As well as supplements for menopause weight gain. There are quite a few diets that are said to be good for menopause. The two main ones are a plant-based diet (see here great blog from Age Sister on why going plant base can help symptoms of menopause) and also a keto diet.

A Keto diet for menopausal women can help with its high fat, low carbohydrate approach. It’s not new, and it may sound a little counterintuitive, but it’s gained a lot of popularity, after low fat, high carb diets have been shown to be behind the epidemic of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. With my gluten/wheat/barley intolerances and rice & soy allergies, then the Keto diet seemed to make sense for me, I was practically carb free anyway.

My ADHD means I get a little fixated on specific foods and I find it much easier to literally eat the same thing day in, day out, till I get sick of it. In a way, it makes it easier as I can plan so much easier. I’m also extremely lucky to work somewhere where lunch is provided and is fantastic, so I’m hoping to go with something a little like this:

Healthy Daily Habits Food
  • BREAKFAST – Smoothie (currently loving Delmonte ‘The Green One‘)
  • LUNCH – Salad and egg/meat/fish (at work) or Omlette (at home)
  • DINNER – Salad or Veg with meat or fish

I’m also going to try and eat dinner before 6pm if possible. As a couple (the boys eat much earlier) we have always been late eaters. Generally we eat at about 8-9pm. Experts say that having a late-night meal keeps the body on ‘high alert’ at a time where it should be winding down, which can have dangerous implications for our health. And as an ADHD’er who struggles to get to sleep at the best of time then this really is a no-brainer.


It’s a well known fact that menopausal women should use exercise to help aid them with not only weight loss/maintenance, but also to help with bone strength and alleviate stress. This blog by Healthline details some of the best exercise during menopause. These are my Top 5 exercise for menopause:

  • Weight Training
  • Walking/Running
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Rowing/Cross Trainer

For myself much as I’d love to get back to the gym and do some strength training, it’s just not feasible at the moment. Doing at home isn’t an option either. I’m not sure about you but I like to exercise alone, and at home, being a mom and a wife, that doesn’t happen!

So for me I’m going to get back in to running. It costs nothing and I can run when it suits me (preferably when it’s dark and no one can see me initially!). I just need to get back out there (cue procrastination…). I’ve downloaded the NHS Coach to 5k app and I need you guys to hold me accountable!

But as well as the weight gain, there are other Healthy Daily Habits I want to re-introduce to help my overall wellbeing.


I’ve got out of the habit of drinking enough water, and need to get back on it. I always struggle with water drinking as I’m just not a massive fan. However I’ve found the Twinnings Cold Infusions are fantastic for not only making water taste great, but with added vitamins and minerals they really help with wellbeing too. My current favourites are ‘Metabolism’, ‘Replenish’ and ‘And Breathe’.


Now I had totally cut Caffeine out of my diet. But somehow that slipped (still not entirely sure how) and I was back to 3-4 cups a day, specifically Caramel Nut Latte’s! Not only caffeine, but highly calorific caffeine. I do have a little dilemma here as Caffeine does help my focus at work. Did you know that stimulants can actually help those with ADHD focus and concentrate?! So I will cut back to black coffee and only 2 cups on a morning.


The holidays have been fab and with two fantastic holidays away with the boys, and amazing weather throughout, it hasn’t really helped me curtail my alcohol intake. So it’s all about reducing it back down. Having those 3-4 days with no alcohol, and ensuring that I drink within healthy limits when I do drink. I know my body now, and I know if I have too much then immediately my sleep is affected. We also know that long term it dulls the skin and affects mental well-being.

Be the example!

So those are my healthy daily habits that I’m going to try and stick to. Generally it’s not always that easy. ADHD means that I really do struggle with executive function. Add in menopause brain fog and it’s almost doomed to fail before I’ve even started.

But I have to be an example to my children. To prove that ADHD is an explanation but not an excuse. That menopause won’t define me. That there are things we can do daily to help our well-being. Possibly even develop coping strategies that will stay with us for life.

So will you guys please keep pushing me, make me accountable, and make me the example I need to be?

Thanks and wish me luck 😍

Fay x


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  • Rebecca Copeland says:

    I love your positivety. Having gone through the Menopause (started at 44), it was tough. I felt not much support from GP or other half, but you have to find what works for you.
    All through it now I think! I wish I had your motivation regarding diet, exerise and alcohol. Good luck in your positive/healthy lifestyle. You’ve got this! 💪 xx

    • Fay Stephenson says:

      It’s not easy, is it? It took me years to realise that’s what my symptoms were (I’d have been about the same age as you). Again not much support from the GP till I found a great female GP, but then it took a long time and burnout to get the dosage of HRT right. Dealing with ADHD and menopause together has taken its toll and I’ve totally taken my eye off the ball, 3 stone later and I need to do something about it. I really hope the motivation sticks, thanks for all your support 😍😍😍

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