Brain Fog – What is it?

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So what exactly is Brain Fog?

“Brain fog” is an umbrella term that includes forgetfulness, poor concentration, trouble finding words and confusion.

You may have symptoms like:

  • mental fatigue or sleepiness
  • forgetfulness
  • a cloudy or daydreamy feeling
  • an inability to concentrate or focus
  • distraction
  • loss of motivation
  • a feeling of overwhelm
  • an inability to find words to express your thoughts

Brain Fog is a common symptom of ADHD and Menopause, but also of Long COVID.

How can you help?


With both ADHD and Menopause there are symptoms which hinder a good night’s sleep, but where possible good sleep hygiene will really help.

stay hydrated

Dehydration can worsen brain fog symptoms. You’ll want to drink up during the morning and afternoon, though, so you don’t have to wake up during the night to use the bathroom.

vitamin b

Especially B12! Food sources include meat, eggs, whole grains such as brown rice and barley, sunflower seeds, broccoli and spinach. Consider taking a supplement if you are vegan.

reduce multi-tasking

Focus on the task at hand and avoid trying to do and remember too many things at the same time (that includes trying to reply to emails when you’re eating lunch – I’m guilty of this one)!

be honest

Rather than struggle, get flustered & panic, say sorry I just can’t recall that name right now. This is why your workplace needs to have a culture of being open and inclusive.

Brain Fog can feel so debilitating and is a real worry when it first starts and you have no idea why you can no longer do the simple tasks you used to be able to. I hope the above steps will help ease the symptoms and let you know that you are not alone!

Fay x

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