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As an undiagnosed (referred, awaiting formal assessment) 48-year-old woman with ADHD, I quite often feel as if I’m stuck in limbo. Knowing that you are ADHD, but not being diagnosed means that sometimes you are unable to access services or support you would be able to if diagnosed. However, it also means you are increasingly aware of your symptoms, traits and triggers, but those around you may not be, or may not accept.

Like you don’t quite fit in anywhere…

If like me, you like to read up (take that as hyperfocus) and learn what you can about ADHD in adult women, then below are some of the articles that I’ve found really insightful and helpful whilst awaiting formal assessment.

Articles to read…

Why ADHD in Girls Is Often Overlooked (

Menopause Symptoms Exacerbate ADHD in Women: ADDitude Survey (

What Does ADHD Look Like in Women? Many Doctors Don’t Know (

ADHD in Women | Professional Women’s ADHD Assessments | The ADHD Centre

ADHD in Women: Signs, Symptoms, and Co-Occurring Conditions (

There are also some great videos over on YouTube (I dare you not to be moved to tears by some of these!).

Videos to watch…

Why do some women wait decades for an ADHD diagnosis? – BBC News – YouTube

ADHD in Girls and Women | Martha Barnard-Rae | TEDxKinjarling – YouTube

Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story | Jessica McCabe | TEDxBratislava – YouTube

ADHD in menopausal women | Bev Thorogood | TEDxBrayfordPool – YouTube

ADHD in Women – YouTube

Whatever stage you are at in your journey with ADHD then it is always worth remembering that you are not alone, our tribe are all on this journey with you! If you think you may have ADHD then please go and speak to your GP. Formal assessment can seem daunting (especially if you are alone) but it can open so many doors, least of all legal protection and support. Why not check out my previous post on ADHD types and symptoms.

And for those reading this without ADHD, firstly thank you for taking the time to read about adhd in adult women, I hope you find the articles/videos insightful. Secondly, maybe you know someone with ADHD, if not then chances are you do without realising. We need to work together to raise awareness not only in ourselves, but in society as a whole. ADHD is real, it is not an excuse for bad behaviour or laziness. We do not need to fit in (this is ableist), we need acceptance, awareness and hopefully sometime soon, a society that is not automatically aimed at neurotypicals. Slowly society is realising that a neurodiverse world is allowing everyone to work to and achieve their absolute best. And using our unique, individual and specific skills to benefit all.

I’d love to hear where you are in your journey, or if you are struggling with anything specific right now. And please bookmark this post so you can refer back to it when you need!

Fay x

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  • Emma Burns says:

    Thank you for this – I live in South Wales and it took just under a year to be referred to assessment and only now I have been accepted for assessment but with no date in sight . This also correlated with peri menopause too- it took 9mths to even be considered hrt. It’s been hard and the worst part was the high levels of RSD and second guessing.

    I am a Reflexologist and I love working with ND clients and all this info is so helpful to continue my understanding to help me, my family and others.

    Do you do podcasts ?

    • Fay Stephenson says:

      Oh my goodness the RSD and overthinking! It’s so hard to describe just how bad this is for us isn’t it, others honestly think we should be able to snap out of it. It can be absolutely debilitating at times. The waiting times and hoops we have to jump through to get just listened to, never mind referred or assessed are absolutely ridiculous. I am hoping that the more we raise awareness and shout about these things, then the more we will help future generations and banish those stereotypes and ignorance.

      I love reflexology, such an underutilised therapy!

      I don’t do podcasts, would love to, but just struggle with time as the boys need so much of it at the moment.

      Fay x

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