Holiday Essentials for Kids

Holiday Essentials for kids

It’s that time of year again and I find myself turning into a little OCD packing monster LOL.  Packing for 3 boys as well as myself and years of flying has made me slightly ‘organised’ about the whole thing.  I need to ensure I don’t forget the holiday essentials for kids.  We have now switched to ‘road trip’ holidays in a bid to 1. Save some money 2. Have a bit of an adventure and 3. Find a location for a holiday home (in many many years to come unless a miracle happens).  So last year we went to Austria (who can forget the infamous ‘I left one behind’ holiday) and absolutely loved (well kinda, blog post explains all).  This year we are going to France, to be more precise Braincon, on the France/Italian border, or ‘Fritaly’ as we have aptly named it.  And yes I have checked the passports, daily for about the last month, and we are ALL going.

So the easy part of a driving holiday is there is no weight restriction.  However the harder part is actually packing so that everything will fit in the car as well as the kids, and we are not all sat with our legs on top of various bags and the such like.

So what are my essentials, what do I pack for my boys.  Some are obvious, some not so much…

Holiday Essentials for Kids

1. Leggings

Possibly the best trend ever for boys. Now whilst my eldest two are a little too old for this trend, Samuel has been in leggings for years. It may not seem like a massive necessity, but they are just the best thing ever.  Comfy enough for travelling, they are a great addition instead of trousers as take up far less room and can be rolled easily into a suitcase, perfect for days that aren’t so warm.  My favourite brand of choice is Lottie & Lysh they make and sell a range of baby and children’s clothing (Available from birth to 6 years) as well as leggings they also produce skirts, shorts, rompers, jackets & accessories.  The quality is second to none and the service is top notch.

Lottie & Lysh Leggings

2. Friends

Now whilst we do have friends joining us for the second week of our hols, what I actually meant was the boys ‘friends’ their soft toys.  Henry is on to his 3rd now, having lost his first two and they’ve all been different.  Whereas Freddie and Samuel are on their 2nd (2nd & 3rd in Fred’s case) but we’ve been able to replace with exactly the same friends.  We’ve always loved soft toys that are a little different and recently I’ve come across Albetta, who’s soft toys are just adorable choose from Crochet, bunnies & teddies, and animal soft toys.  My particular favourite is Connie the Cat!

Albetta Connie the Cat

3.  Bags

We need travel bags for everything.  Although there isn’t the hassle of the old liquids in a clear plastic bag with a road trip, we do still need them for the boys especially.  For toiletries, iPods, pens & pencils, suncream, for lots of things and these bags on Etsy are a really fun way to store.

4. Headphones

In this age of iPads, iPods, phones and other gaming devices (which i have to say are a godsend for long car journeys!) Headphones are an absolute must.  Our boys seem to go through them quite quickly, so I refuse to pay anything decent for them.  That’s for them to choose to do when they get a bit older and can save for them themselves.  Last year I bought a pair of Sony headphones on the Ferry (as suddenly realised I didn’t have any) and I have to say they have been great and the boys really liked.  So we said we’d get them all a pair this year.  They come in 3 colours and from only £15.00 they are a great purchase.

sony headphones

5. Books

Now whilst Samuel isn’t quite at the stage of reading independently yet, his brothers certainly are! I love that they love to read as both their father and I love to read to (not that i get much chance LOL).  So a good trip to the Library and possibly a purchase or two in Waterstones before we go is an absolute necessity.  It’s a much preferred alternative to their iPads and great for calming down at night time.  I know i know we could download on their iPads, but I love a proper book.  And I like to see the boys reading a proper book and being able to take the iPads away from them especially on a night.

diary of a wimpy kid

6. Sports Equipment

Ours are not totally content with swimming as their only form of exercise.  Well apart from Henry who would be content with no form of exercise at all!  Luckily going on a roadtrip means that we can take a few more specific items with us.  So tennis equipment and walking boots & sticks are a must have for us.  Fred even spent his holiday money on a brand new pair of sticks last year.  It’s great to be able to take stuff like that along and means the kids are always entertained (kids happy = mummy happy)

tennis equipment

7. Hats

We have one particularly pale one and one pretty young one, boys that is! And so as well as a huge range of sun tan lotion, we always have to have hats. Fred is pretty good and a baseball cap will do him for the whole holiday.  However having brought Samuel up in the world of Insta, he has become slightly more picky.  My own fault I know! So we have to carry a few choices.  Our favourites at the moment have to be Zara for Trilbys and Pork Pie hats.  As well as two of my Insta favourites Kidult & Co, and Tatty Threadz for the most amazing snap caps!

cool kids hats

So I think we are about done, but I’m sure there will be something I’ve forgotten!  What are your holiday essentials? Would love to know what you can’t holiday without…

Felicity x

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