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So this week has been very much a week of change and to be honest it’s not been the best.  However I’m a great believer of change needing to happen no matter how painful.  Otherwise we end up stagnating and forgetting what made us tick, what made us happy, what made us smile…

The day job at the moment is pretty stressful, just full on and never-ending.  Which is really difficult when the reason you took the job in the first place was just to have a few days of adult company, a bit of money. Furthermore specifically a job that meant you could go in, do your job and leave, leaving your job at the door.  9 years on and that’s changed a lot, and it’s not really what I signed up for.

Together with 3 boys at home growing older each year (funny how that works eh?! LOL).  No.1  moving up to ‘big’ school this Sept, No.3 really pushing the boundaries of authority (It’s totally karma for how i was with my mum, it’s a 3rd child thing) and a hubby who plays an awful lot of squash and golf, it’s getting difficult to find myself in all this.

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So today for example, I woke late (tired after staying up till after midnight working) and rushed to get the kids to school.  Came home, grabbed my stuff, went to the post office to post orders, then straight to work.  Had breakfast and a cup of tea whilst at desk, I then worked through emails and got product lists ready for our temp.  Next a quick lunch to check out social media (including work!) and then straight back to it.  So with a few extra unseen bits of work, I got to 5;30 and realised that actually the work that I wanted to complete didn’t even get started.

I came home to find that the little angel Samuel had sneaked away from Grandma and snuck out to the back garden.  He then climbed through the nettles in the corner of the garden into our neighbours garden (who happened to be doing building works, so there were MACHINES which he’s obsessed with).  Then went all the way down to the other end of the garden so couldn’t hear everyone shouting.  Consequently ended up being ‘lost’ for quite some time and everyone got quite a fright, he meanwhile thought this was all a big jolly.

So after having a ‘chat’ with him (okay there may have been a little shouting, clearly #parentingtheshitoutoflife eh @motherpukka) then sorting tea (sausage and chips #sorrynotsorry), checking Hen had packed his bags properly and making him a pack up (he’s off on a 5 day residential tomorrow morning!). I finally sat down to start work (having missed most of Wimbledon #nnnnnnoooooooooooo, thank god for the red button and Today at Wimbledon).

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, and no matter how much I mention, it seems to fall on deaf ears.  Just me playing at being a business, nothing important, nothing serious.  Anyway feels better just putting it down on paper, maybe I’m just a grumpy bugger, maybe it’s that time #rollseyes.  However having just read @TobyandRoo latest post, I can so identify! All those bug bears are mine, and yes like you Harriet I am the noisy neighbour (well the kids mostly, or me shouting after them/Samuel) .  Anyway I’m gonna get on with it and it’s time to just get brutal, Let’s do this #winningatlife #not

Over and out,

Fay x


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