5 Benefits of Weighted Blankets

young boy snuggled under weighted blanket and duvet, fast asleep.

Weighted Blankets

I’d been hearing more and more about weighted blankets, and after reading up on the benefits, decided to try them for myself.  I haven’t slept well since having the boys, and it has only got worse since the perimenopause has set in.

However, it was the boys I most wanted to help.  My eldest has always been a late sleeper, but my middle son who was once been a great sleeper is really struggling with his sleep pattern.  Recently diagnosed with ADHD, his evenings are about trying to relax and calm that overactive mind and excess energy whizzing around.  My youngest is awaiting a formal diagnosis and his energy levels are starting to increase in the evening. So I wanted to try and give them both something that could really help them get a better, deeper night’s sleep.

How do they work?

Weighted Blankets work on the premise of DTP (Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation).  What the heck is that I hear you cry!? Basically, it’s like a hug in a blanket, applying gentle pressure evenly over the whole body.

This gentle pressure promotes a calm, soothing effect, it’s the reason we swaddle babies.  They come in all different shapes and sizes, and the weight of the blanket is based on your age/size.  So what are the specific benefits of using a weighted blanket…


The all-over gentle pressure of a weighted blanket has been proven to help relax and release tension in the body. They can significantly reduce tossing and turning at night, so you have a much more restful sleep. So if you are looking for a more natural solution to insomnia or other sleep-associated conditions, then weighted blankets are definitely worth a try.


Weight Blankets can be used during the day, not just for sleep.  Perfect for moments of relaxation during the day.  Relaxation is both mental and physical.  Use your weighted blanket to take some time for yourself on the sofa, curl up and chill.  Likewise, it can be really beneficial for a child to use to calm any anxious or angry feelings they may have.

ADHD & Autism

Weighted Blankets can help to support those with ADHD and Autism. The added weight can aid sleep issues that both tend to suffer from, as well as reduce anxious feelings and promote a calm mind.  Occupational therapists quite often use them for this exact reason. It is also great for calming the restlessness that can sometimes come in the later hours of the evening before bed.

Mental Health

Weighted Blankets can help ease feelings of anxiety, depression and stress.  Because it is heavier than a normal blanket, you’ll notice when you lie underneath it, it feels as if the blanket is almost holding you.  Like a comforting hug that helps you feel safe.  They are widely used to help alleviate PTSD and other sensory conditions, as well as to promote better emotional health.

Physical Health

Weighted Blankets can not only support emotional and mental health but also physical too.  Proven to aid with symptoms of restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia; the heavier weight of the blanket prohibits movement and promotes stillness.  The pressure may also help to alleviate numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.

I have to say I was sceptical but had heard so many good things and read quite a bit of research on the benefits.  After trying my friend’s blanket for myself, I could immediately feel the benefits. There are so many companies out there that make them now, but I choose Mela as they have specifically designed blankets for kids as well as adults.  Not only that but they donate a portion of the profits to mental health research with Young Minds.

The boys are absolutely loving their blankets, and I’m definitely looking to get another for myself (although think the hubby might have his eye on one too!).  

Fay x

NB: Weighted Blankets may not work for everyone.  This post is not an Ad, I was not gifted the blankets.

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