The Truth Is…

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The Truth Is…

You look well…

You don’t look depressed…

Stop worrying…

I see you blogging/posting on social media all the time…

What do you have to be depressed about…

You need to get out/exercise more…

There are people who have a lot more to worry about than you…

The truth is mental health isn’t always a visible illness.  Yes sometimes it can be clear that someone is depressed or anxious or stressed.  However a lot of the time most people keep it hidden, work hard to mask. The truth is mental health doesn’t have one ‘look’.

You look well! You don’t look depressed?

The truth is…

This is the first time I’ve washed my hair in weeks.

I tried on at least 5 outfits before settling on the one I wore, and I still felt rubbish.

I am using every ounce of the energy I have to smile and look ‘okay’, so as not to make you feel uncomfortable.

My nails are always ‘done’ to stop me scratching my hands till they bleed, due to anxiety.

This is first time I’ve worn make up in months.

Stop worrying!

The truth is…

Anxiety isn’t always logical.

I tend to be anxious about things that I feel are out of my control.

I constantly worry what you think of me or that I’m draining.

Quite often I get totally overwhelmed and have panic attacks.

I see you blogging/posting on social media all the time?

Just because I post on social media or post a blog does not mean I am not depressed.

I use Social Media as an escape and a way to take my mind of my worries.

Writing blog posts is a good way for me to share what I’m going through.

It helps me to think that with me sharing my story, I may help others know they are not alone.

What do you have to be depressed about? 

The truth is…

I may have a nice house, nice car, a loving family and great friends, but this does not mean I cannot struggle with my mental health.

Materials goods and wealth do not make us truly happy.  If they did then so many celebrities and stars, including Robin Williams, Heath Ledger and Caroline Flack would not have tragically committed suicide.

True happiness comes from within, if you are not happy in yourself, then even a loving family and friends cannot make you truly happy. Look beyond the façade, the material goods, the painted smile.  Put away your judgement, anyone can suffer with mental illness.

You need to get out/exercise more!

The truth is…

Sometimes it takes all my energy just to get out of bed, never mind anything else!

Anxiety can make even the simplest of tasks seem like a huge mountain.

Stress means that I don’t always feel I have the time to spend on myself.

Depression makes me feel that I’m not worth the effort.

There are people who have a lot more to worry about than you!

Truth is…

Yes there are, and there are also people who have a lot less!

Please don’t trivialise anyone’s mental health and how they are feeling.  No matter who, if they reach out for help, then realise how difficult that must have been. Acknowledge their struggles and understand that everyone has their own individual struggles, it is not a competition.

The truth is…

Mental Health comes in many shapes and forms, and everyone who suffers will react and behave in very different ways.  From those around us, all we ask is for understanding, support and no judgement.

Fay x

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