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ADHD, Menopause and Overwhelm

19th February 2024

Overwhelm in adults is a common experience characterised by a feeling of being overloaded, unable to cope, and struggling to manage demands. It can manifest in various ways, both mentally and physically, impacting your well-being and daily life.

Adults with ADHD and/or women during menopause can find these symptoms particularly prevalent and debilitating.

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Surprising Peri Menopause Symptoms Menopause Symptoms ADHD Menopause and Me (Website) | Woman in blue t-shirt looking shocked, mouth open.

5 Surprising Menopause Symptoms

11th February 2024

Among the 34 known menopause symptoms, five surprising ones include electric shocks, burning mouth syndrome, itchy skin, cold flushes, and dry eyes. These symptoms can be unsettling but are usually non-threatening. They stem from hormonal changes affecting nerve functions, skin hydration, blood vessel constriction, and tear production. Managing these symptoms can involve lifestyle adjustments and seeking medical advice.

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