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ADHD, Menopause and Overwhelm

19th February 2024

Overwhelm in adults is a common experience characterised by a feeling of being overloaded, unable to cope, and struggling to manage demands. It can manifest in various ways, both mentally and physically, impacting your well-being and daily life.

Adults with ADHD and/or women during menopause can find these symptoms particularly prevalent and debilitating.

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Is Menopause Making My ADHD Worse?

28th January 2024

Juggling deadlines, keeping track of schedules, and remembering tasks – for some women with ADHD, it’s already a daily juggling act. Then menopause hits, ushering in a wave of hormonal changes that seem to scramble everything further. The question becomes a desperate whisper: am I losing it, or is this just menopause making my ADHD […]

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