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So I got up at nine this morning – yes I know a lie in for a lot of us now, when did that happen? I had all intentions of getting a good bit of work done on the website, a blog post and my social media posts done for the day by lunchtime.  Leaving me the afternoon to go grab the car after it passed its MOT (Woohoo!) and do something with the kids before spending the evening with friends.


It’s now 10:43 and what have I managed… 1 paragraph of a blog post and an hour and a half of scrolling through Insta #FacePlant.  It can’t just be me that this happens to can it? It’s like Easter hols, you lull yourself into taking it easy the first week as ‘we have two whole weeks’. Then all of a sudden it’s Friday of the second week and we’ve achieved not a lot!

Anyway back to the moan in hand LOL. So yes I’ve still not managed to post on social media and now I’ve pretty much missed the sweet spot for Insta, so will have to wait till this evening on them.  I did manage a couple of retweets but need to get on this today.  Also now having to deal with the eldest child ‘Kevin’ moment as he cannot find his textiles homework due Monday (another #FacePlant).

Panic over, homework found, questionnaire compiled… If you fancy completing I will share on my stories today!


Get distracted by making pancakes for the boys, as promised by me if Henry finished all his homework and packed his bag ready for Monday!


Finish making pancakes and go to pick up the car from the mechanic.


Sit down for take two of the blog, still no more social media posts! Although whilst I was out I got another order for a Toy Storage bag going to India! Always love orders that go far afield. Get distracted by Insta Stories! If you haven’t seen @tobyandroo stories today you must check out, hi-la-rious….


This is just getting ridiculous and I am actually having to re-read the blog to remind myself what I was writing about in the first place. Oh to be young again, with good short-term memory and boobs that don’t sit on your stomach when you sit down LOL. Okay so my boobs aren’t quite that bad but you get the drift.  Maybe I need to write down a to-do list:

What I need to achieve…
  • Write blog
  • Post on Insta/Facebook
  • Post on Twitter
  • Print off orders for next week
  • Take pictures for next week’s social media
  • List new A6 notebooks on the website
What I will actually achieve…
  • Stop eldest boys fighting over XBox – several times
  • Shout at everyone to go away as I’m trying to work – several times
  • Make a cup of juice for the smallest person – several times
  • Download as many episodes of Scooby Doo as possible to keep the small person amused, when lego has failed
  • Get distracted by Insta stories again
  • Realise I haven’t eaten since breakfast
  • Get distracted by The Commonwealth Games
  • Realise it’s nearly teatime
  • Give up
  • Pour wine…

Is it just me, or do you guys manage to achieve pretty much half of what you set out to do each day?

One thing I did come across whilst I was being distracted by social media, was this useful screen time form.  I always start the holidays with great intentions, but when I have so much on myself and 3 boys to deal with, I easily lose momentum.  So this form by Natural Beach Living is absolutely brilliant and I will definitely be adapting and using it for my eldest two!


Well, at least I’ve completed the blog post! I’ve tweeted once and messaged a possible new supplier in the meantime. Let’s see what else I can achieve before it’s wine o’clock.  Have a fab rest of the weekend folks.


Spend 10 mins deciding on the focus keyword for SEO purposes and then rewrite half of the blog to ensure SEO is all good #aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

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