Spring Clean for Easter

Spring Clean

Since the end of November last year I now work 4 days a week at my new day job.  Boy does that extra day make all the difference, especially around the house.  I did very ‘gently’ remind the OH that he may need to help a little bit more around the house now that I only work one less day than he does.  However of course I did not take into account the fact that I work on my business in the evenings and on my ‘days off’.  I need a spring clean…

Now the organised peeps out there (Miss Tidy Owl I am looking at you!) would I’m sure have some great tips – please feel free to share! LOL I need all the help I can get.  I am trying, I’ve bought the diaries, I’ve bought the planners and I’ve even got the over sized white board.  However no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get into a rhythm.

Initially I think I felt it was the extra day and I’d never be able to balance it all.  But the more I look at the bigger picture then I think I actually just need re-organise how I work things.  Working in a School means the added bonus of getting all the school holidays off.  And I even get a few more weeks than the boys do here and there, so I need to use this to my advantage.

Spring Clean for Easter

  • Have a good clearout of all the toys – Samuel is 7 this year and much as he still plays with his lego etc. there are a lot of toys he no longer plays with, they just take up room! The two eldest only need gadgets and books, nice and easy.  So I need to have a mass clear out, which will also enable me to keep their rooms/the playroom tidier in the weeks I’m at work.
  • Plan social media – Despite the lighter mornings and evenings enabling pictures to be taken daily, time does not actually allow with ease.  What with sorting the morning schedule and school run, to then evenings of teas, homework and bedtime; it doesn’t leave much time to plan a fabulous flatlay.  Prompts help brilliantly, especially to keep your feed fresh.  However I think even more so I need to actually batch up my imagery weekly where possible. So I’ll use the holidays to plan and look for new prompts, as well as research new keywords (very important for Insta).  Then try and ensure that I set aside a morning once a week to take the following weeks images.
  • Plan blog posts – this is something I’ve really struggled to keep up with since Christmas and I miss it.  I absolutely love writing for you guys.  Finding new small businesses for us all to discover, planning my kids bedrooms, sharing craft ideas.  I’d love to write more, but in my head it just seems that it’s a bigger job than it is.  However once I know what I am writing about it seems so much easier.  So I need to embrace this and plan weekly blog posts in advance.
  • Stock take business supplies – I regularly find myself running low on stock.  A certain sized envelope or business cards; storage bags or canvases.  I need to do a mini inventory each holidays, to list what stock I have.  Not only will this ensure I don’t run out of anything.  But also that I can ensure I can plan my orders, combining where possible to keep shipping costs down!

Anything else…

Another biggy I want to try and pin down this year is my finances.  Despite being very organised with others money, I am a complete failure with my own.  So this month I have signed up to Quickbooks in the hope that I can give myself a financial spring clean too!  No it’s not an #ad, just heard good things.

So it’s two weeks till Easter and time to spring clean.  I need to stop trying to do everything, every week and instead recognise what can be done in batches in the holidays, leaving the weekdays free to get on with business!

Let’s do this,

Fay x

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