How Felicity packs for 3 boys and a driving holiday!

Yep you heard me right we are going on holiday – to Austria – and we are driving!!!! With 3 boys it’s gonna be a tight squeeze, especially with everything they want to take and making sure we have enough for 2 weeks.

Now don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to get to Austria, Tschaggun to be precise, as it looks just beautiful. However with everything that has been going on recently I can’t say the drive is filling me with excitement… Dover here we come!

Also I will have to do some of the driving which is fine over here, but even then I’m no good at long distance as just not used to it, so we’ll be stopping a lot! And what about abroad, never done that before, slightly apprehensive…

Anyway have taken my mind of that part by a little retail therapy for the boys.  How gorgeous are these purchases…

baby-dee-and-me-1    baby-dee-and-me-2
Baby Dee and Me are offering FREE shipping today only by quoting code MONYAY1 at checkout.

Order you Tee from Cribstar Official before Thursday when their turnaround will move increase to 7-10 days, FREE shipping as standard.

NYBK_white_54bf6bec-9720-416a-ac09-05fc9fb31181_grande     super_personalised_sleeveless_romper_white_grande

And then I just couldn’t resist this tee from Kidult & Co, along with some caps to keep them safe in the sun (or dry in the rain, you never know with Austria!)

5-600x600  No-Tee-_-Kidult-Co  Adultstrucker-600x600

Now I just need to figure out how to fit mine and 3 boys clothing and footwear into 2 suitcases… #funtimes I have become very good at packing light over the years!

We go at the end of next week and I’m wondering if I’ll have time to get Henry’s / Samuel’s room cleared so it can maybe be painted whilst we are away ready for our return… I’ve a few orders left to complete and obviously pack, but hoping I might just have enough time to clear his room aswell, we’ll see!

Wish me luck,

Fay x

P.S Blueberry Boo Kids are offering 25% off their short sleeve stock, another one i couldn’t resist!

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