Perimenopause – what vitamins are working for me!

Vitamins for Perimenopause

I’ve written previously about the Top 5 best vitamins and supplements for menopause. However, the ever-growing shortage of HRT is a real worry for some women, especially if not yet diagnosed. Add into this that research now suggests the earlier we treat perimenopause/menopause symptoms, the better for our long term health. So I thought I’d share the vitamins and supplements that have been working for my perimenopause symptoms these last six months, alongside my HRT.

NB: As a note, before we go any further, I am clearly not a doctor or qualified to medically advise. I am sharing with you what has worked for me. If you have any menopause help questions please do ask. But do speak to your GP before taking any supplements and/or vitamins.


I was originally prescribed the Evorel Sequi, which is a combined Oestrogen (50mg) and Progesterone patch. However after a month, and discussion with my GP, we moved on to the separate Evorel patches (75mg), one patch twice a week. And Utrogestan 100mg tablet, taken daily 2 weeks, 2 weeks off.

Vitamins & Supplements

So what have I been taking on top of the HRT that I’ve found really helps my symptoms:

  • Health and Her Perimenopause Supplement – they have a fab range for menopause, perimenopause and premenstrual.
  • Black Cohosh – used to relieve menopause symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats, as well as changes in mood, such as irritability and restlessness.
  • Omega 3 – can ease certain menopause symptoms such as low mood and hot flushes. It can also help in regulating inflammation in the body.
  • Ginger Tea – has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties as well as helping to settle any tummy upsets.

At the moment, this seems to be working well and reduced pretty much all symptoms, except brain fog, memory etc. The ginger tea has definitely helped with bloating which is excellent. I’ve yet to find anything that helps with the weight gain! Well, probs exercise would, but trying to fit exercise in is a whole other issue.

How are you all finding things? What’s worked for you? Feel free to message me or let me know in the comments below!

Fay x


For certain supplements and vitamins, there can be contraindications depending on your own personal health circumstances, so please do check with your GP or healthcare professional before starting any of the above to be sure.

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