A light at the end of the tunnel!

Sick of not being able to pictures for the past few months due to ‘day job’ working hours and lack of decent lighting, I’ve gone all out and spent a small fortune (£30!) on some new lighting and set up a mini studio in the attic!  Like a lot of small businesses out there i work a day job too, and the time i have to take images, especially at this time of year is really limited; so i decided to do something about it…


This area in my attic was always a bit of a dead space (bed put in when we had all the family come to stay) and the bed is used maybe once a year, so I simply moved it over into the playroom area of the attic (boys not overly happy as little crushed on their side now, so it may be moved yet) and cleared this area for me to use.

blank canvas

Now i need to set up some ‘flooring’ with a board covered in wall paper as carpet floor tiles aren’t the best look, but for now the difference is brilliant! To know i can just nip up stairs and take photos when i need to rather than have to wait for the right light or a day when i’m not in the office is great.


Gonna play about with the lighting to see what different effects i can achieve but i’m really pleased with it so far; I would highly recommend it folks, i really would!  Just see the before and after…



Fay x


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